Asphalt Paving Miami

For those seeking out a company to do asphalt paving in Miami, High Tech Striping, Inc. is a great choice for the job. We specialize in servicing all of South Florida with jobs that are done on time and on budget. With a complete array of services and a proven track record spanning many clients, customers can feel assured that their job will be done right the first time.

For home and business owners who need problems in their parking areas addressed by professionals, there are a number of choices for any services that may be needed.

In addition to being the best place for asphalt paving in Miami, High Tech Striping does a professional job at parking lot striping and line painting. For businesses that are looking to make a quick improvement in the appearance of their facility, this service is a must have. Any lines desired are able to be painted on time and during a time period that is convenient for the business owner.

If the work needed is indoors, such as in a warehouse, High Tech Striping has a great service for warehouse line striping. This will make traffic flow much more fluidly and in an organized manner within the warehouse, creating a much safer work environment.

In addition to these services, High Tech Striping also offers sign and pole installation, sand and shot blasting, seal coating, curb painting and much more. For those looking for a company to do asphalt paving in Miami, or any other Miami Paving related job their home or business, High Tech Striping is the right company to call.

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Blacktop Asphalt Miami


It is difficult to lay concrete and do your own striping, especially as a business owner. You must properly measure the width and length of your parking lot, plus determine the best depth. Depth often depends on the size of the vehicles you will be running over the pavement. Truck companies would need thicker parking lots than doctor’s offices, for example. Your parking lot reflects the type of business you run. Customers won’t hold you in high esteem if you let it go. They can also get injured and sue you.

Similarly, homeowners should use one of the blacktop asphalt Miami companies to lay driveways, walkways or garage floors. Companies like us, High Tech Striping, Inc., have the proper tools to provide you with any surface you need. Many jobs required multiple persons, such as using a longer bull floats to smooth out surfaces. Blacktop asphalt companies can do the job right. It is expensive to redo a pavement job if you mess it up the first time.

Contact High Tech Striping Inc. online, in person or by phone. Ask a company representative to come out and give you an estimate on your job. The representative will provide you with a fair bid that covers everything you need. High Tech Striping will send only professionals out on the job. You have a lot invested in your home or business. Don’t allow a shoddy paving job ruin the aesthetics of your home or office. Hire a professional asphalt company in Miami today.


Asphalt Driveway Miami

The driveway of a home or business is frequently one of the first things that a visitor or client will notice. Is the ride smooth or is the ride bumpy because of cracked asphalt? Are visitors shaken up by hitting a pothole in the driveway? Is there a speed bump that needs to be repaired?

Problems with a driveway might indicate that the property owner doesn’t want to invest in the upkeep of the property. Perhaps the property owner doesn’t care about the safety of visitors. Hitting a pothole or crumbling speed bump can be dangerous. Preserve the value of your property by contacting the best in asphalt driveway Miami has to offer.

High Tech Striping is prepared to handle all jobs related to asphalt driveways and parking lots. We handle asphalt patching, pothole repair and asphalt crack repair. We can work with individual homeowners as well as commercial or industrial property owners.

High Tech Striping has done work for homeowner’s associations and new construction sites. We are qualified to remove and replace old worn out asphalt. We have also done curb and handicapped ramp work. We have been successfully in business in the area for over twelve years. Employees are committed to the highest quality work performed in a safe manner.

It is important to maintain asphalt driveways and parking lots. We are prepared to handle small jobs for individuals as well as large commercial jobs. We look forward to answering any questions about our services. We offer a free quote and excellent customer service.


Asphalt Contractors Miami


Your driveway, garage floor, walkways or business parking lots endure lots of heat in Miami. Cars and trucks also put a lot of weight on these structures over time. Therefore, these concrete structures are prone to cracking and crumbling, which distracts from the beauty of a home. It can also be a hazard for business owners, as parking lots in ill repair can cause accidents. These accidents can result in lawsuits, which no business needs.

There are several options for paving you driveway or concrete structure. You can do it yourself but you must properly assess both the depth, length and width of the parking lot to determine the amount of concrete you need. You can’t afford to guess because it only results in shoddy work. A better solution is hiring asphalt contractors Miami for your job. Companies like us, High Tech Stripping Inc., know how to properly measure garage and driveway structures. We also have the necessary tools for the job to provide you with the flatness and texture you need.

Asphalt contractors Miami will also provide you with a fair bid for each job. Just tell us what you need done and we’ll give you a fair estimate. High Tech Stripping also provides striping services for parking lots and roadways. We use some of the most advanced technology available to work on individual projects. Find asphalt contractors Miam online and call today. Let the professionals handle your job so you can spend more time with family and doing the things you like.


We build roads in full compliance with Flroida Department of Transportation standards.

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